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“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

- Rachel Carson -

communication and outreach

To me, the most important aspect of science is the dissemination of knowledge. Not only are our projects largely funded by taxpayer money, but the only way to bring change is to try and inspire people that change is necessary, and the only way to inspire people is through the spreading of knowledge.


So, that rambling discourse over, please click on the below links to see what I am publishing these days... it's not a lot, but I hope that changes as my career continues! 




ECCB 2024 in Bologna, Italy

AOS 2024 in Colorado, USA

Past Engagements

2024 Ben-Gurion University Ecology Seminar, Midreshet Ben-Gurion, Israel

2023 Combined Congress of AOS & SCO-CSO, London, Canada 

2023 International Congress for Conservation Biology, Kigali, Rwanda, symposium organizer


2023 Learn the Birds webinar

2022 Tel Aviv University Zoology Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022 Israeli Conference for Conservation Science, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022 European Congress of Conservation BIology, Prague, Czechia

2022 International Society of Behavioural Ecology, Stockholm, Sweden.

2022 International Ornithologists' Union, online

2022 Learn The Birds: webinar, "The Secret World of the Cape Rockjumper"

2022 British Ornithologists' Union: Avian Reproduction, online

2021 American Ornithological Society and Canadian Society of Ornithologists.Online

2021 Animal Behavior Society, online

2021 FLOCK/Learn About Birds, online.

2021 Conservation Conversations, BirdLife SA, online.

2020 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Lab, Princeton University, online


2020 North American Ornithological Conference, online.

2019 Ecological Society of America, Louisville KY, USA.

2019 Hot Birds Workshop, Gobabib, Namibia

2019 Somerset West Bird Club, Somerset West, SA.

May 2018 BirdLife Overberg, Hermanus, SA

2017 DZE Post-Grad Symposium, Makhanda, SA

2017 Tygerberg Bird Club, Cape Town, SA

2017 FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, Cape Town, SA

2017 Entomological and Zoological Society of South Africa, Pretoria, SA

2016 North American Ornithological Conference, Washington DC, USA

2016 Flock/Learn About Birds, Kruger National Park, SA

2015 Entomological and Zoological Society of South Africa, Makhanda, SA

2014 Cameron Conference, Halifax, CA

Peer Pubs

Peer-Reviewed publications

(Click for PDF)

Oswald, Krista N., Oded Berger-Tal, and Uri Roll. "Small-scale land-use change effects on breeding success in a desert-living social bird." Behavioral Ecology 35.3 (2024): arae023.

Fusco et al. (2023).  Population genomic structure of a widespread, urban-dwelling mammal; The eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). Molecular Ecology 33(3), e17230. 

Oswald, KN and Conradie, SR. (2023). Variable choice affects estimations of vulnerability to climate change. Ibis.

de Zwaan, D et al. (2022). GABB: A global dataset of alpine breeding birds and their ecological traits. Scientific Data, 9(1): 1-11. 

Oswald, KN, & Lee, ATK. (2021). Population Viability Analysis for a vulnerable ground-nesting species, the Cape Rockjumper Chaetops frenatus: assessing juvenile mortality as a potential area for conservation management. Ostrich, 1-5.

Oswald, KN, Smit, B, Lee, AT, Peng, CL, Brock, C, and Cunningham, SJ. (2021). Higher temperatures are associated with reduced nestling body condition in a range-restricted mountain bird. Journal of Avian Biology.

Oswald, KN, Lee, ATK, and Smit, B. (2020). Seasonal metabolic adjustments in an avian evolutionary relict restricted to mountain habitat. Journal of Thermal Biology. 95: 102815

Oswald, KN, Diener, EF, Diener, JP, Cunningham, SJ, Smit, B and ATK Lee (2020). Increasing temperatures increase the risk of reproductive failure in a near threatened alpine ground-nesting bird, the Cape Rockjumper Chaetops frenatus. Ibis doi: 10.1111/ibi.12846

Oswald, KN, Smit, B, Lee, ATK, and SJ Cunningham (2019). Behaviour of an alpine range-restricted species is described mainly by interactions between microsite-use and temperature. Animal Behaviour. 157:177-187.

Oswald, K.N., Lee, A.T.K., and Smit, B. (2018). Comparison of physiological responses to high temperatures in juvenile and adult Cape Rockjumpers (Chaetops frenatus). Ostrich. 89(4): 377-382.


Oswald, K.N., Lee, A.T.K., and Smit, B. (2018). Seasonal physiological responses to heat in an alpine range-restricted bird: the Cape Rockjumper (Chaetops frenatus). Journal of Ornithology. 159(4): 1063-1072. 

Oswald, K.N., Evlambious, A.A., Ribeiro, Â.M., and Smit, B. (2018). Tag location and risk assessment for PIT-tagging passerines. Ibis: 160(2) 453-457.

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Leonard M.L., A.G. Horn, K.N. Oswald, and E. McIntyre. (2015). Effect of ambient noise on parent-offspring interactions in tree swallows. Animal Behaviour 109:1-7.

popular articles

(click for PDF or link)

Oswald, KN (2023) "What Variable to Choose?". BOU Blog Nov 6.

Oswald, KN (2021) "Bird of the Year 2021 - Where do Rockjumpers fit in?". Nov/Dec, pg. 71.

Oswald, KN (2021) “Hot weather leads to unwanted weight loss in young Cape Rockjumpers”. Avian Biology blog. Sept 3.

Oswald, KN and ATK Lee (2021) “Bird of the Year 2021 – Finding Cape Rockjumpers”. African BirdLife. Sept/Oct, pg. 73


Oswald, KN, and Lee, ATK (2021). "Bird of the Year 2021 – Raising Rockjumpers". Jul/Aug pg. 73


Lee, ATK, and Oswald, KN. (2021). "Bird of the Year 2021 – Fynbos and Friends". African BirdLife, May/Jun pg. 68

Oswald, KN, and Lee, ATK (2021). "Bird of the Year 2021 – Islands in the Sky". Mar/Apr pg. 72

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Lee, A. T. and K. N. Oswald (2015). Rock kestrel attack on a Cape rockjumper caught in a spring trap. Afring News 44:9-10.

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